Joseph was 24 years of age when he passed away in January 2002. He was always a happy young man, even when he wasn’t well, still smiling at everyone and he took life as it came. A true fighter. Joseph believed that his smile could conquer the world and he believed of course that everyone knew who he was.

Joseph was a very sociable person he loved being around people, loved parties and social gatherings. He loved going out but was always glad to return home, never sleeping anywhere but in his own bed.

Joseph Seridis

Joseph loved shopping, especially for clothes as he liked to be well dressed in ‘trendy clothes’. He would worry if he was told there was no money for things he liked buying. Buying presents, sharing his home and food with friends, teachers and carers was very special to him. He always had a smile for people who knew him well.

Joseph loved life and he especially loved Ferrari’s. He had a great collection of cars and posters of cars. His other loves were dolphins and classical music. He always liked the idea of having male carers and teachers.

Joseph loved family gatherings and had unconditional love for all, generally touching the heart of most who came in contact with him.

Joseph would be proud to know that he has been able to help his peers and others with a disability in some way.